Casting For Short Film

 Seeking:  CAST
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Status: Pre-production
Type: Short film
Genre: Drama

This is not a paying job.

About the job
NS2U is seeking 2  Male actors: 

Male 1

He should be between the ages of 40-45 

No taller than 5'10 and slightly overweight. African-American or Latino/Hispanic. 

Salt and pepper beard and bald head

Male 2:

He should be between 35-45

Over 5'10 

African-American, Hispanic or White

Bald, or with hair

No visible tatoos

Female 1

She should be between the ages of 40-45

African American, Hispanic or White

Female 2

She should be between the agels of 40-45

White or Hispanic

any height or weight

2  teen age girls 

Mix race  they should be 16 years old or be able to play up or down the role.

Casting call will be on September 21 @ 6pm.

Location will be only disclose to applicants. 

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