Khadijah-Catherine Taylor is Muslim-Puerto Rican journalist with a vision to bring community awareness through storytelling. She is the only Puerto Rican-Muslim woman CEO of media company in Newark New Jersey . 

She is a Rutgers-Newark Graduate with a BA in Journalism and International Affairs and former Resident Partner at Express Newark a shared space for the community and artists of different genre.

Director Statement

KC Taylor, Director of A Mother's Cry. 

As the first Puerto Rican Muslim woman to own  a Media company in Newark New Jersey, I am interested in all forms of media. I believe that by blending different forms of art such as audio, visuals in storytelling a storytelling I can create a more powerful piece, rather than using one art form alone. 

Each project I make is different, and I've found that each person takes something different with them. Our current culture, and generation, is prone to listening to video media rather than sit and read. 

Before I made “A Mothers Cry, my first film, I saw other interviews and documentary base on the same stories, but never from the mother's perspective or a particular community. 

I am very excited that our films can become a way to empower women to share their stories.  Stories that would resonate with every woman all around the world.  I feel passionate about the community I live in and my hope is to inspire other women to serve as a power of examples for all to follow. Not only do I want to inspire but I also want to bring awareness across the United States and worldwide.

NS2U Work  

In 2017, Khadijah-Catherine Taylor, directed, wrote and edited the docu series, A Mothers’ Cry. This docu series is about mothers who have lost their sons to street and gun violence, and how they are coping and what have they done to help families and communities equally.  

This subject touches very close to home, Mrs. Taylor’s son was murder.

On the summer of 2018, NS2U finish shooting Timeless Pain . Although, the short did not win at the Newark International Film Festival it has become a statement and the voice to many women who have survived domestic violence and its deadly consequences. 

Director, screenwriter: Khadijah-Catherine Taylor.

 In 2019, Newark Speaks 2U will start shooting, The Journal.  

A featured about child abuse, pedophilia and vengeance. 

Director and screenwriter: Khadijah-Catherine Taylor

About her Company

Newark Speaks 2U, We are storytellers.  It’s a woman own media company, partnering with other companies to service the small communities in and outside of  Newark, New Jersey.  NS2U was established in June 2016. We specialize on storytelling through documentaries, photography and narratives.

**I am at the beginning of my career, much I have learned by listening, watching and just improvising.  From directing to editing, I have learned all through some wonderful women who took the time to help and teach me about the media industry.